WhatsApp users around the world were not capable to use the messaging service for numerous hours on Wednesday.

There has been no statement from WhatsApp on what based the issue, nor how pervasive it was.

Reports that there were tribulations with the app, which has additional than 1.2 billion users internationally, first began to become visible at about 20:00 GMT.

WhatsApp said in a epigrammatic declaration that it was “aware of the concern and working to repair it as soon as possible”.

By about 22:30 GMT, most users were exposing  that they were capable to send and receive messages once more.

But according to both the DownDetector and Outage Report websites, a few people have sustained to have tribulations.

The outage, which exaggerated users in the UK, Europe, Asia and America alongwith some other countries, ran for a number of hours last night, May 3.

With troubles initial at around 9pm, users were incapable to send or accept text messages, photos and videos.

While WhatsApp has kept on the issue has now been fixed, according to autonomous website DownDetector, a number of UK users are still facing  issues with the app.

Responding to the outage previous night, an authorized WhatsApp representative established the problem and apologized to users for the bother.


“Earlier today, WhatsApp users in all parts of the world were powerless to get through WhatsApp for a little hours,” the spokesperson told Engadget.

“We have now debugged the issue and really sorry for the inconvenience.”

In spite of WhatsApp being down for many, the Facebook-owned company has rolled out a major  fresh update for iPhone proprietors.

WhatsApp was sold to Facebook in 2014.

Earlier on Wednesday, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg told that a new characteristic in the app, WhatsApp Status, had increased 175 million users since its commence in February.

The feature works in a alike way to Snapchat and Instagram’s Stories, permitting users to produce a post enclosing  words, images or video, that disappears later than 24 hours.