Streaming video has become a habit for most of us, from watching News updates to cat videos and so much more, and we spend a surprisingly large amount of time online watching one content or the other. But it can be bothersome having to stream the same video over and over again, so in most case we find one-way or the other to download it for future viewing. But when it comes to doing this on an Android device, things become a little more complex. Since most mobile browsers do not come with a means to download videos directly your options are limited to using a dedicated app for this and this can be a hassle in finding the right app for you.

After going through and using a variety of apps that the Android store has to offer, I finally settled for “Nova Video Downloader” also commonly called “Video Downloader Pro”. Nova Video Downloader is fairly easy and straight forward. Just type in or select the sites you wish to download content from or the direct URL to the content and the Download icon turns Red from Grey with a mini animation, after which you just select the resolution you want and that’s it. Take note, it will warn you if you are on Mobile Data if you wish to continue, this is to prevent you from burning your mobile data by accident. You can then click on the Downloads tab and see your download progress. Even my 7 year old niece can do this.


Starting off with some of the things I liked about the app.

  1. It supports a variety of download formats such as MP3, M4A, MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, WMV, M3U8, PDF, APK, PNG, JPEG, etc., Plus it is an MP4 and M3U8 downloader. This means that as long as what I wish to download falls under any of these, I can easily grab it using the app. This is a key point because not all downloaders allow you to get both video and audio format on a site and in some cases, you might have to use separate apps to get this done.
  2. Ease of Use: The interface is simple with no overly highlighted or accented colors which make this not as eye-catching as some others I have used but to me, this is a good thing. The developers focused more on the user experience and being able to NOT need a manual to figure out how to use this app. Even if you have never used a video download app before, the learning curve is almost non-existent.


And now for the downsides of using this app. I really don’t have much to say against Nova Download Manager, but one main thing caught my attention when using it

  • No YouTube Support: This is one of the main issues with legal download software (Take note I said Legal). Following the rules means that they cannot support downloading content off YouTube. This is a sad point as we know a majority of videos online exist on YouTube. There is nothing that the developers can do about it but it’s still worth a mention.