In an ever-changing world, social media platforms are constantly innovating to provide users with new ways of expressing themselves. This is one reason why these various sites and applications have become so popular as they allow people from all around the globe access to best media.

Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp all rolled out a new feature called “status” for its users to share temporary updates from their accounts. These Status or Story posts last 24 hours before they are automatically deleted after that time period has passed.

Instant messaging platforms are making it easier to share your voice with the world. In 2017, WhatsApp introduced its Status feature and now have take a step further and going to offers a feature that will let you post voice notes as the status update.

WhatsApp is currently working on a feature to accommodate voice notes as status updates and WhatsApp company reportedly teased this new feature in its build for Android update!

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According a report from WaBetaInfo website, The new voice note feature will have an interface similar to the existing text status composer. Users can record their own voices and update them without having learn any extra steps.

Users will be able to share short voice messages with their contacts based on privacy settings. One the new feature is rolling out and only requires users go into the Status section where they can find an mic icon to record and update their voice note status.

In the future, you will be able to add your voice and set background color for chat bubbles. Voice notes can last up to 30 seconds long and they’re also encrypted end-to -end! This feature is currently under development by WhatsApp but it plans on releasing this feature in future.