We can all agree that the internet has become a very dark place. It has a dark side which kids should avoid but they do not because they don’t necessarily understand this side of the internet. How to explain it to your kids when they aren’t even properly grown up to understand the dangers of the internet? Catfishing, cyber bullying, blackmailing, these are just a few of the dangers which the internet poses to young people. Plus, kid seem to be very easily bullied as they can be easily pressured on the internet. Many kids do not even tell their parents what they are going through and they are traumatised for life completely.

Which is why every parent who has given their kid access to the internet and a cellphone or computer should install a parental control app. One of the best tried and tested parental control app is the Family Orbit.

Family Orbit has many functions which help you keep check on your child’s workings on the internet. Family Orbit has a GPS tracker which can help track the location of your kids at all times without them suspecting anything. You wont need to call or text them and force them to tell you where they are. They will lie, of course. Which is why this tool comes in handy. Another feature in the Family Orbit parental control app is the Geo Fences Alert. It instantly alerts the parent if their child is leaving a designated area. Children are very likely to wander and new drivers tend to get lost as well. With Family Orbit, you will know the exact location your child is in. Parents can also get Speed Alerts. Speed alerts are sent to the parent when the child is driving at faster pace which can be dangerous for him as well as other drivers. You can immediately stop your child from engaging in unruly behaviour before they get stopped by a traffic police officer. With family orbit you can also get to know your child’s Wi-Fi history. Which Wi-Fi they connected to and how many times, when and where, etc. Every detail you as a parent will need to know will be provided. Last but not least, you can use the Family Orbit parental control app on any device. Be it a cell phone or laptop. The app is easily installable on multiple devices.

For more information on this app, visit Family Orbit.