The key objective of any business website is to build a strong online presence and connect with the audience. Having a design that seamlessly blends form and function is the key. A well-designed site is not only capable of engaging the audience but also for making the business brand more credible. So, whatever your business may be, the design of your website should be your first priority. Hiring a professional designer is the best thing to do because they understand what the audience needs and replicate the same in the design. Additionally, here are a few fundamentals of website design that you should know about.

Start by building a buyer persona

Before you ideate a design for your website, you need to build a buyer persona first. This gives a clear understanding of the target audience and their expectations. For example, the target audience of a fashion business will be different from that of a healthcare agency. Once you know what a visitor would want to see on your website, you will be able to come up with a design that is likely to impress them.

Narrate a story

Once you have a clear idea about the elements that need to be included in the site’s design, have a storyline ready with the right positioning of these elements. Content plays a crucial role in this respect because it conveys your brand’s message to the potential customer. Ensure that you do not go too heavy with text but blend it with visual elements as well.

Use imagery and icons

When it comes to visual elements, contextual imagery and icons make a great way to communicate with the visitors. Remember that the images you use should be relevant. For example, procedural images make a great option for dental websites. Similarly, you can showcase an image of the patient before and after the procedure to add more credibility. High-quality videos are an add-on for any website’s design.

Make intelligent use of color

Remember that color is an important design element rather than a decorative one. Make sure that you stick to your brand color to ensure consistency across all promotional channels. Also, use colors that are appealing to the eye and not too loud. Extra caution is needed at places where you need to use contrasts and combinations as you would not want to overwhelm the user.

Ensure responsiveness in design

Besides focusing on the use of the right design elements for your website, make sure that it is responsive too. As a large segment of the audience prefers to use mobile devices to access websites, you cannot afford losing them with a site that is not mobile-friendly. Moreover, responsiveness is a factor that Google considers while allocating search rankings.

These are the web design basics that you must stick to while creating your business website. Relying on an expert is the best thing to do as a professional will not only have the basics covered but will also invest extra effort to make your web presence an outstanding one.