As you might have learned in our web hosting guide, not all hosting services are made equal. In fact, certain web hosting solutions are incompatible with WordPress websites. Despite being on of the most popular platforms on the web, WordPress is expected to work on many basic shared hosting environments. However, on cheaper hosting packages, you could be missing some essential basics. Web administrators of WordPress websites have additional considerations to include in their search for the best hosts available. WordPress websites have specific, unique requirements for potential hosting services. Find out the requirements for hosting your WordPress website in the post below.

Host Server

One of the requirements for hosting your WordPress website is dealing with the host server. Hosting services you are considering should ideally utilize Apache servers to power operations. Or, hosts running Nginx servers are also an optimal choice for WordPress website hosting. If your potential WordPress hosting services do not utilize one of these platforms in their data centers, it is not entirely disqualifying. WordPress can still run on other server environments. However, it is definitely in a website’s best interest to find a WordPress hosting solution with Apache servers or Nginx servers to power their solutions.

PHP Version

The PHP version web hosts use is also of consideration when you run a WordPress website. Hosting a WordPress website requires you to find a hosting solution running PHP version 7.3 or later. Without a recent PHP version, your website hosting services will not be compatible with your WordPress website. Since WordPress websites utilize the most recent technologies, your server needs to stay up to date with a secure PHP version. This way, your server and WordPress package can also meet those high standards of security and reliability. Invest in the top WordPress hosting services that support PHP version 7.3 or later. Otherwise, your technologies will be unusable.

HTTPS Protocol

Another one of the top requirements for hosting your WordPress website is HTTPS support. This is something that no website should go without. HTTPS encryption is a crucial security tool to prevent foul play on your WordPress website. By encrypting your website traffic, it keeps your visitor information secure. For websites that handle sensitive information, products or services, an HTTPS protocol is one of the main requirements for hosting any website. Even if you plan on starting an online store in the future, it would be a smart move to have HTTPS when getting started. Keep that in mind when finding a hosting service for your WordPress website.

Database Tables

In order to use a WordPress hosting service, you need to be able to create tables within your databases. This is a must have feature for all WordPress hosting solutions. It allows WordPress admins to run websites that operate at full capacity and offer two factor authentication security. The WordPress database tables store important information like post content, user profile details and plugin data. That is why all WordPress websites must use hosts that allow you to create tables within your database tools. Remember this when choosing a WordPress hosting service for your website.

Memory Capacity

WordPress hosting services should also meet minimum memory requirements. Otherwise, you will not be able to use them to manage your WordPress website. WordPress requirements suggest that websites have at least 512 MB memory availability. Meeting these minimum memory requirements for WordPress website hosting services ensures that your website will be able to run with the memory exhausted error. Typically, WordPress hosting environments have anywhere from 2 GB to 8 GB of memory. Of course, with more memory on the server, your website will have much more capacity to serve webpages and process requests. Be sure to find a WordPress hosting solution with 512 MB memory capacity or better.

All website administrators have criteria that potential hosting solutions must meet. WordPress website admins have even more to consider when searching for the best hosting services available. There are some key requirements for hosting your WordPress website in particular. Make sure that any WordPress website hosts that you consider feature an Apache server or Nginx server. The PHP version 7.3 or newer should be kept up to date. Especially for eCommerce websites, HTTPS support will keep traffic secure. Furthermore, database tables tools are essential to storing the website content and data. Lastly, the server should have a memory capacity of 513 GB or better. As long as you do, you will be sure to find the best WordPress host for your website.