With Google Search, your desktop experience is smoother than ever thanks to continuous scrolling and mobile users can now benefit from topic suggestions as they explore – making browsing even more convenient.

What do you Need to Know?

  • Google is introducing exciting new updates to the Search desktop and mobile applications.
  • Looking for search results faster? Google Search just got even better with continuous scrolling, allowing you to explore up to six different search results at once!
  • Making searches on your mobile device just got even easier with Google Search’s new and improved filters!

Google is making searching even more convenient! Thanks to continuous scrolling, desktop users will now have access to the same four pages of search results instead of one page as mobile app users. This cutting-edge feature makes browsing Google Search smoother and faster than ever before!

With the new feature, you’ll be able to search more efficiently – no need to endlessly scroll through results. You’re sure to find your desired result within six pages so that you can seamlessly move on with your task!

Google’s recent new feature is now available to its English language users in the U.S., providing even more ways to uncover the answers you need!

Explore Relative Topics

Google is empowering mobile users with enhanced search options. With these new filters, those searching for any topic can easily find information related to what they’re looking for!

With the new update to Google Search, searching is simpler and more engaging. Underneath each search query, users will now see a convenient list of related topics that they can explore with ease! There are still all the usual options like ‘Videos’, ‘Images’, ‘Shopping’ and even ‘News’ articles available as well. It gives you an abundance of possibilities when it comes to uncovering just what you’re looking for.

Finding food just got easier! If you want to narrow down the search, simply add topics like “healthy” and “vegetarian”.

Image Credit: Google

With the new search feature from Google, you can quickly find exactly what’s looking for. As your query evolves and becomes more specific, so do the topic suggestions while providing a variety of options to choose from.

Dive deeper into this new feature that Google has to offer! Discover how the search giant knows what topics are suitable for you: through systems designed by engineers that analyze web content and understand common patterns in searches. It is a fascinating way of getting more relevant results, tailored specifically for your interests.

Image Credit: Google

With the new filters, users can customize their experience to best meet their interests. If these suggested topics aren’t for them, they have a choice: click on “All Filters” which gives access to an even wider range of content!

Now, U.S users of the English language can experience a new Google search feature – topics/filters! Already rolling out on Android and iOS apps plus mobile web – it’s time to discover filtered content for your searches with ease.