Fortune 500 companies have achieved great success on and off the web. The internet has made much headway these past years and all companies, even Fortune 500 companies are building up their profile on the web. Having a great company reputation surrounding your website on the web is one of the most important things to do for your business online. There are specifics when it comes to building your company online. However, taking some pointers from the Fortune 500 Companies, the NTW Designs web design company has made a list below so you can see what to do for your business.

  1. Brand Identity (Graphic & Color Tones). Every Fortune 500 Company has a unique and distinct brand identity to their firm. Most Fortune 500 companies are remembered by their logo and then their company name. This is the sign of a successful brand and successful brand identity. When selecting your graphic designs and color tones, make sure that they are representing your company in the highest form. At times it is best not to over design, the simplest designs can be the most memorable. Another quick note, always follow the same web color pattern on all pages of your site.
  2. Naming Online Accounts. In order for you to get your company name out there, you must let others know what your name is. Online, the first step to do this is to name all your social network accounts by your brand name. Google will most likely index your social sites with the name of your brand under your main website. This makes it easy for a future client to find you on the web. By using your name on the web, you will be expanding your brand online.
  3. Website Content. New and fresh content is a must. You must intrigue your web visitors by uploading new content on your site. Even if it is not daily blog updating, you must be on schedule with posting. Most companies do holiday themed seasonal website updates and blog posts.
  4. Social Media Sites. Becoming active on your social media accounts will allow others to know that you are active on the web! Social media has a big influence on SEO and it is another outlet where you can attract new visitors to your site and expand your company.
  5. New Web Design Trends. Following the newest web trends is not only a great personal habit of doing, but it is also great for web standards. Every year there is something new added into the mix when it comes to design. This year, mobile devices became extremely popular and we are also seeing tablet growth on the web. These devices have changed web standards and web designers are adding things like viewport tags to make designs compatible for these specific designs. Try out a new web design for your company and take a gander at the latest standards on the web.

As mentioned above, Fortune 500 companies are always active on the web. Use the 5 ways above to improve your company and increase your brand visibility on the web.