Oracle and MySQL are both extremely common RDBMS having rich arrangement of organization instruments and programming APIs. Be that as it may, Oracle has entirely prohibitive permitting strategy and high aggregate cost of proprietorship while MySQL runs with less prohibitive permit and it is open source. That is the reason numerous organizations and associations consider moving their databases from Oracle to MySQL.

In any case, the strategy of moving database from Oracle to MySQL requires numerous endeavors while doing it physically. What’s more, there is high danger of information misfortune or defilement because of the human reason. It is savvy to utilize uncommon application to mechanize the database transformation procedure.

One of such database migration utilities is Oracle to MySQL created by Intelligent Converters. Keen Converters is an application seller work in answers for database transformation, movement and synchronization since 2001. Their Oracle to MySQL converter has a great degree superior because of direct perusing and composing information with no middleware libraries or parts. It backings all renditions of Oracle and MySQL including cloud results. The item gives grasp line form keeping in mind the end goal to mechanize and to program database change. Oracle to MySQL converter permits not just move information from Oracle into new database additionally combine or synchronize it with existing MySQL database.

Additionally, the product allows filtering data to migrate by means of SELECT queries. With this choice, it is conceivable to choose specific columns and records or even change the information before changing it over into MySQL form. Here is a couple of cases of utilizing this component for various purposes.

  1. Filtering records: SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE KeyColumn > 1000
  2. Select and rename distinct columns: SELECT column1 AS Name, column2 as Phone FROM MyTable
  3. Skip NULL values: SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE Address IS NOT NULL

Here and there it is important to change columns sort in the subsequent database. For this reason, Oracle to MySQL converter gives highlight called “custom column mapping”. The element that permits evolving name, type, default value and NULL-characteristic for any column of table and in addition reject certain columns from transformation.

In the event that the objective MySQL server does not permit remote linking, the program can send out the information into SQL script. In this approach source database is traded into local document containing SQL-articulations to make tables with all records and constraints and fill them with the information. At that point database director can import the script record to MySQL server by means of one of the accompanying instruments:

  1.  MySQL console customer (psql)

mysql – h host- u user–p –vvf database_name < script_file

2.  phpMyAdmin

(Take note of, that phpMyAdmin permits to import dump document into a current MySQL database alone, so the landfill record ought not contain ‘CREATE DATABASE’ articulation.)

  • Click on the proper database name in the left structure.
  • Click “SQL” tab on the highest point of the screen.
  • Enter full way to the landfill document in ‘Location of the textfile’ field or click “browse” button to find it through the index tree.
  • Click “Go” button.

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