Live chat software service enables you to play the shopkeeper and customer support personnel to your customers online. If used correctly, it can improve conversion rates for you and garner you strong customer loyalty.

We have talked to some of the live chat software experts to know how to tap its potential to leverage business. Here are the 3 tips to employ live chat feature to improve the standing of your business:

Monitor your Customers in Real-timeasp-net-live-support

Live2Support MD Mr Kumar Jaiswal says, “Best live chat software for you is one that can offer you intelligent analytics that can help you understand your customers better and give your support agent an intuitive insight into how to initiate sales and win them over.”

With products like home appliances, furniture, mobiles and other consumer durables, a customer often compares prices and different models to find a good deal. For such high-ticket purchases, he visits a certain page several times to check a product.

“A live chat customer support person can identify customers who return frequently, know where they come from and which pages have they lingered on, and initiate a polite inquiry to ask them if they need any help in making their decisions. If they seem to be a potential customer, the inquiries can be passed on to sales agents who can then close the deals,” says Jaiswal.

Preferred way of Contact for Customerslive_chat_why-blog-full

LivePerson, another popular but pricey live chat software service provider, shares that its trends show that the number of people choosing live chat to connect with a company is picking up. About 40% of these customers connect to live chat through their mobile phones. They prefer to compare prices and features, read reviews and ask questions before paying for an item now – especially if it is worth a considerable amount of money.

Live chat feature is comparatively cheaper for businesses too as one live chat agent can typically do a work of about 15 customer care executives or sales personnel who handle calls or emails. Also, studies and surveys have shown that about 60% live chat sessions lead to sales and the order value of live chat customers is about 15% higher than average order value.

Convenient for CustomersLive-Chat-on-Website-is-the-Future1

Forrester Research study called ‘Making Proactive Chat Work’ found that 44% online consumers that one of the best features offered by an online shopping website is that they can ask questions to a live person in the middle of an online purchase.

Mr. Sharma, an expert says, “An online chat system often has less waiting time than a call center. Moreover, customers do not have to be idle while waiting and keep on surfing other websites at the same time. Live chat option offers you relief from having to dial the customer care number and deal with its numerous options to trace access to a live person on the other end.”

An survey has found that 38% of frequent online shoppers reported to have made purchases during chat sessions while 63% responded that they are more likely to return to a website that has a live chat feature.

Opportunity to Upsell and Boost Buyer ConfidenceW

Most companies make the mistake of overlooking one of the easiest ways to boost profits – to look for upsell opportunities. A savvy sales rep equipped with live chat opportunities can let the customers about sales and discounts on products they are looking for.

“Top live chat programs are compatible with online platforms as well as are mobile and tablet friendly. Hence, a live chat representative has the most wide-ranging access to customers to let them know about guarantees, warranties, or other helpful policies,” says an expert from Boldchat that offers live chat solutions to startups on a shoestring budget.

Live chat support personnel can also help in boosting buyer confidence by providing customers with all the information they need about the products they are interested in. Customer inquiries received through the live chat software can be resolved with the full-fledged access to the helpdesk and knowledgebase.

There are plenty of good live chat software solutions available in the market that offers you great interface and simple integration methods. Read the reviews well before opting for one!