Technology has always played a really big role in business. Businesses that move with the trends and embrace new technology tend to be the ones that stay ahead of the crowd in the long run – and they are also the businesses that tend to reap the most benefits out of adapting something innovative into their company.

In recent years, cloud computing has become a very popular choice for businesses right around the UK, mainly due to its easy accessibility and the way that it allows people to work on and share documents as part of a team – this element of cloud computing really helps to improve productivity right across the board.

If you are considering moving your business into the cloud, then one of the most popular software platforms available to you is Office 365, and if you are already familiar with the Microsoft Office software then this package can make a welcome addition to your business.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is essentially the Microsoft Office package which operates within the cloud. The package gives you access to the original Microsoft Office programs that you know and love (Excel, PowerPoint, Word etc…) in addition to a range of additional features which really come to light in the online environment.

Office 365 introduces Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online giving your business the ability to really communicate in the virtual world. Whether you are looking to send emails, share documents or even communicate instantly with another member of staff, the Office 365 package allows you to do this quickly and effectively, promoting collaboration on projects and encouraging your business to improve efficiency through effective use of the cloud environment.

Key advantages of Office 365

Many people often ask “Why Office 365?” – and the fact is there are a number of very good software applications out there which can help you to work in the cloud environment, but the main drawcard that Office 365 offers is that generally you will be working with a software platform that you are already familiar with, and as such you won’t have to learn any additional skills.

Office 365 also offers you the ability to really collaborate on projects – and in many cases there can often be nothing more frustrating than having to constantly send documents forward and backwards while amendments and changes are being made. To combat this, Office 365 works within the cloud, allowing you to make instant changes to documents and chat with your fellow colleagues in live-time about any potential problems that you might have.

What are key features/benefits of Office 365?

Office 365 offers a whole host of features and benefits to the user including:

  • A very easy-to-use interface which promotes simplicity
  • Access from anywhere and a range of devices including a mobile phone, computer, laptop or tablet device
  • Robust security and reliability from Office 365
  • Integration with existing programs – many businesses already use Microsoft Office
  • The ability to share documents and edit documents simultaneously
  • Communication features including conference calls and instant messaging