Everyone has pictures, documents or files that they want to keep private. These days when you share a computer with other family members or co-workers, you have to worry about what they are looking at while you’re not around. With Windows operating system there really is no way to keep your files from being seen by anyone who wants to look at them.If you try to hide files or folders from people by placing them deep within directories, they can just use the search feature to find any file they want. Or if they run a search there is a chance that a hidden file might come up in that search. You need a way to secure your files and folders so that no one but yourself can access them. You need to be able to protect them to keep unwanted people out of the files.

When you look around for a program to lock your files down you end up finding out that most of the best file protection options are paid programs. The problem with that is if someone notices that you have a file locking program you are looked at as though you have something to hide. That’s not a nice feeling. The best solution would be to have a easy-to-use free file locker.

Amigabit File Protector is such a file locker. This program is unique in that it will allow every user on any PC the option to have their own password protected folder that can only be opened by them. And the file is not created to look any different than any other file so it doesn’t call attention to the fact that it is locked. The good part about that is that if no one knows it is locked, then no one will try to hack into it.

How to use Amigabit File Protector

The first time that you run Amigabit File Protector program it will prompt you for a password. The password that you choose will be the password for your protected file. Try to use a unique password that no one can guess. The strongest passwords are a mixture of numbers and letters, at least one capital letter, and at least one special character.

amigabit file protector

Once you have established your password, it will open to the SecuredFILES screen. This will be your protected file. The file will be located on the desktop. Once you have added the files you wish to keep safe, you can close this folder.

Once you are done, you can use the menu in Amigabit File Protector to lock your folder. It really simple, just enter “LOCK” as the action. When the folder is locked it will display that it is locked in the program.


In order to unlock the folder, all you need to do is enter “UNLOCK” in the action field, then enter your password. Once unlocked you will be able to see all of the files in your folder.

In order to change your password, it is as simple as entering “CHANGE” as your action and then confirming the current password and entering a new one.

This program has been successfully tested on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Click here to learn more information about Amigabit File Protector.