If you have ever lost or had your smart phone stolen, you know how painful and inconvenient it is for you. It costs hundreds of dollars to get a smart phone replacement and then you also lose all your images, videos and personal data. Did you know there is an App that can help you find your lost or stolen phone?

The Phone Tracker App

This app allows you to track your phone from your computer or other phone and see its exact GPS location displayed on a map. If you lost your phone, simply open the app and look where your phone is located and get it.

Another useful feature of this app is to use it for your friends, or family. Have friends or family that you want to know the GPS location of? This app makes it easy to add your friends and family to track each others locations. Don’t worry, you can turn off your location whenever you want, but for parents this is very useful to not have to worry about their kids going off on their own or to places they shouldnt be.

The Panic Button

This app also gives you a panic button for your phone. If you are in trouble, or your kids are in trouble and need you immediately, they can just click the panic button and the parent will be alerted immediately. This can be a life saver in dangerous situations where they dont have time to call or text you. It can also be useful if you get hurt and need help.

Other Features

This app allows you to add as many friends or family as you want with the add friend feature. This emails an invitation to the person with link to get the app and become your friend. Once added you will be able to see each other in the app on the GPS map. Turn this tracking feature off whenever you want.

Get it Free

Want to get the app or try it out? It’s completely free, so get it now! This app is updated for 2017, has great support and is always being updated and making it better for its users. Try it out now to see for yourself. It’s free so there’s nothing to lose!