Are you looking for a converter to change any GIF to PNG? The most common types of file formats are GIF and PNG. There are plenty of people who convert GIF to PNG using various applications or an online converter. With so many choices, finding an online converter that is safe and doesn’t contains viruses is a challenging task. A safe and reliable online converter is Online Converter Free. It is a leading and free online converter that will help you get a PNG file within few seconds.

Take a look at how you can change the format of your image and why you should use a reliable online converter.

How to Convert GIF to PNG?

With our GIF to PNG converter, all you have to do select the files that you need to convert. Then, choose the format of the output that you want. After that, click the button “Convert”. Within no time you will have the converted file.

Why Should You Use an Online Converter?

There are numerous why you must you an online converter.

Wide Range of File Formats

We enable you to convert your files to any format of your choice without any difficulty. A good online convert will not ask you to download third-party apps or software. Whether you want to convert GIF to PNG or any other format, you can easily do it with our converter.

Saves Your Time and Money

Thanks to the online converter, you can save not only your money but your time as well. The online converter is free and allows you to convert the file to various formats in seconds. For us customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, this is why we offer one solution that enables you to change the formats effortlessly. Hence, you won’t need any complex software for conversion. All you have to do is drag the files or upload the image and get converted files quickly.


Another reason to use online converter is that it is safe. Your GIF will be deleted from our servers after 24 hours.  There will be no viruses sent to your computer when you use our online converter. So, it makes our converter safe and trustworthy to use for various conversions.

Therefore, the online converter is extremely easy and simple to use. We have a GIF to PNG online converter that will change the format for free. This means that you don’t have to install any application on your computer. In seconds, you will have quality file conversions, even if you need it just once.