It is very easy to delete files from any hard disk drive or storage device. But, if the files are deleted by mistake, it is not easy to recover them if the recycle bin is emptied. Fortunately, there are some data recovery programs can help us recover deleted files when the recycle bin is emptied. Do Your Data Recovery is an outstanding data recovery program. It is the reliable tool for deleted file recovery.

Recovering deleted files will not be difficult with Do You Data Recovery.

It is a common desire when losing some files during a maintenance to a computer or server wanting to recover them immediately so we go to the internet in a specific way to look for some programs that will help us in this task is when we realize that most do not have the necessary tools unless expensive licenses are paid that do not guarantee us any positive results.

Do Your Data Recovery meets these expectations in an efficient way just by using its three steps to recover deleted files and best of all you only have to use its free version that has versions for Windows or Mac with its simple and easy-to-use steps you can be able to recover all the lost information from your hard drive without problems.

Download it from its website by selecting your computer’s operating system once downloaded to your desktop you can install and run it to start the file recovery process.

Three steps to recover deleted files.

Step 1: Select the location from which the data will be retrieved.

Select the location or device from the Do You Data Recovery work pane where the deleted data will be recovered.

Step 2: Scanning for deleted files.

Go to its search options and select the type of file you want to recover the program will bring by default checked the option of all but you will be able to choose a specific file type such as photos or videos and even text files.

Step 3: Recover the files and place them in a specific location.

At the end of the search of Do Your Data Recovery you will be able to select the found files that you want to recover from the list of results. Then you will have to select a specific location to place the selected files by pressing the Recover button and the process will start remembering that the recovery time is variable and will depend on the number of files to recover.

It is very easy to recover deleted files with Do Your Data Recovery. It offers two scanning modes: quick scan and deep scan. If the quick scan can’t find all lost files, the users can try deep scan mode. The deep scan is able to deeply and entirely scan the hard disk drive to find all deleted/lost files.

Do Your Data Recovery also can recover lost files from formatted hard drive, and recover deleted hard drive partition. It can help users recover lost files from PC/Mac, hard disk drive, memory card, USB flash drive, portable disk, digital camera, etc.