If your company is in need of a new human resources management software program, the HR software from Carval could be your answer. The program is highly intuitive and it has seamless integration with other modules. It has the capacity to make the entire HR department more efficient and at the same time it offers layers of powerful security.

Features of the HR software from Carval

Some of the biggest features of Carval HR management software include:

– Flexible and easily adapts to changes within your company

– Ability to list each job and position including skills needed, training, and the salary

– Easy to find employee history of employment

– Reporting tools powerfully integrated into the system

– Benefits information

– Salary and ranges

– Training information

– Recruitment practices and guidelines

Having a program that has the ability to make your HR department highly functional while being user friendly to all your employees is what Carval software is about.

Software Hosting Local or with Carval

Companies also have the option of storing the Carval HR software locally or taking advantage of the company’s software hosting option, which guarantees an up-time of 99.9%. This option is affordable and all your information is securely backed up with complete disaster recovery plan in place.

Implementing the Software is Comprehensive

The Carval team has taken all the necessary precautions to ensure smooth installation and integration. The first phase of implementation is preparing the job and training employees. The hardware is tested as well to ensure that it meets the requirements during the install. Once the software is installed, it is tested, and implemented. Further training is also provided.

Carval realizes that change is a scary move for most people and therefore, the entire implementation and installation of the HR software is never rushed. Steps are followed to ensure the successful installation and training sessions.

Support is Available

After the software is installed and everyone is trained and it is placed in production, support is always available. Carval doesn’t simply sell a product, they back it up with support via phone or email. In addition, they will also supply any updates that need to take place or is being released.

Depending on your HR Software

Your HR department is reliant on software and tools in order to function properly. Make sure you have a program that can grow with your company and is flexible enough to handle everything related to your HR department’s unique needs.

Post contributed by Elmer Enciso. He is fanatical about business and he has a real passion for sharing what he’s learnt. Elmer has contributed this article on behalf of Carval, the primary source for HR software.