Every one of us wants to have a Smartphone that looks good and is easy to use too.  iPhones have catered the huge market with its unique features and its amazing operating system. Day by day Apple Inc is increasing innovation into its products and brining about various new models of iPhones and its new versions of iOS. Recently iOS 8 has been launched that iPhone users can upgrade it on their current models of iPhone and enjoy using it, however, following are some reasons that shows why upgrading to iOS 8 immediately is not a good idea

  1. Lack of full experienceApple-IOS-8-OS-Platform-Enter-You-Into-‘Bugs-World’

Even though many of the applications and various features will work on your iPhone or iPads but even you will find some of the apps and features missing and not working properly that will in turn make your experience bad. Due to the incompatibility issues some of the apps will not cover all the features or some will just not be updated. Also some of the apps those were previously available now it can’t be downloaded from the list.

  1.  Risk of losing Jailbreakjailbreak-iphone-5-ios-6-100384883-orig

While updating your phone’s system, there are high chances that updating will kill your jailbreak. Since many people jailbreak the iOS software that leads to opening of unauthorized and unapproved apps, system tweaks and various other features. By doing this, it voids the warranty thus it makes your device worthless if you want a replacement or want to sell. If you do the jailbreak, you will get a lot of customization but then again another jailbreak would take time to arrive may be weeks or months.

  1. New users and adopters may face some  bugs, quirksdont-upgrade-hero-620x413

Although iOS 8 will consist of high quality but again it is exposed to some bugs, some flaws, and quirks in the mobile software. Some of the flaws and bugs have not yet been ironed out even after testing and seeing them that causes users to have bad experiences with their iPhone or iPads.

  1. Is it a good option to make it a work phone?1401762828-messages_hero

With the introduction of iOS 8, Apple has been able to put some of the amazing and exciting features for user’s Convenience. It has put some enterprise focused features that include security stuff like password, VIP message threads, roaming policies and so forth. Some enterprise users or corporate users won’t be allowed to upgrade the software without obtaining consent of IT officer.

  1. Older models becomes sloweriphone-slow-google-trends-nyt-1

Installing iOS 8 on older versions of iPhones and ipads will make the device slow and thus will cause trouble for you to run it smoothly and do your work easily.