Every day, almost 100 new malware threats are being discovered. For home computer users, there is only one way to stay away from these malware attacks and that is antivirus program. The antivirus is a program which will protect your data and system from different kind of malware attacks. Different computers come with trial version of antivirus software programs. There are number of users which are unknown to the fact that keeping your antivirus updated and configured is the primary way to stay away from viruses. Installing any antivirus will not solve your query, the proper maintenance and configuration is required for antivirus to work in a proper way.

In this article, I will try to explain some key features of antivirus program which should be kept in mind while selecting any antivirus program for your system. It will also help you get most out of your program.

  • Real-time Scanning

The real time scanning will ensure that the data coming into your system is clean from any malware defect. It will scan any file when you will try to open it.

  • On-Access Scanning

Another feature in good antivirus is the on access scanner which will scan your file for any virus. It will scan after the user take initiative to open any file.

  • On-Demand Scanning

If you are stuck in any major virus infection, then this feature will help you out to make your computer virus free. The on-demand scanner will scan your hard drives and folders on custom demand. You can scan your system for viruses on demand.

  • Heuristic Scanning

The heuristic scanning is used to identify upcoming threats and attacks on the basis of old experience learned from existing malware and past experience about attack. It will identify new errors even if the antivirus is not updated about the definition of that particular threat.

  • Scheduled Scanning

Another great feature which you should look for in any antivirus program is the scheduled scanning option. Different antivirus programs allow users to schedule scan for any time. The system will be scanned as scheduled in the antivirus program.

  • Compressed File Scanning

You can get malware inside any compressed or zip file. For this purpose, your antivirus should have to be enough efficient to scan compressed files for malware. The best antivirus program will deeply scan your compressed file for viruses.

  • Web Protection

Best antivirus program will save your system from internet as well. The program will monitor your web surfing and will give you secured surfing experience.

  • Automatic Virus & Program Updates

The last but not the least key feature for any best antivirus program is the automatic virus and program updating. There are different software programs which automatically update the program version along with virus definitions to make your system save from malware attacks. You can easily manage the automatic updating process for the antivirus program.

So, these are the key features for any best antivirus program which will ensure your security from different malware attacks. If you know any other features else than the described, feel free to comment below.