Do you often log on to an online website to shop for something but find that the prices are off-the-charts high? Is the brand you want to buy from too expensive and you wish you had a discount code? Price Waiter Market is here to make your wish come true.

You must be wondering how Price Waiter Market can offer you a discount. Well, its not the application itself that offers you discounts. The application is a Google Chrome extension. It helps in connecting you to the online retailers selling the particular thing that you want! So, for example, you went onto Amazon to buy a newly released book but it costs 30$. You’re not normally used to buying books at 30$ because books usually sell at a price lower than 30$. But you really want that particular book. This is where Price Waiter Market comes into play. It gives you the option to name the price you’d want to buy the book for. Once you make your offer and name your price, it is sent to a few online retailers stocking the book. One or another online retailer may accept your offer. It depends on them. And it is highly likely that your offer WILL get accepted. You can get that book at a cheaper and personally affordable price! How helpful is that?!

Price Waiter

Price Waiter Market’s aim is to help customers buy more and to enable sellers to sell more. It increases the sales for sellers. The bargaining platform is completely safe and secure and is a two-way contact process only involving the buyer and seller. No third parties involved. Price Waiter Market is integrated with many e-commerce platforms such as shopify, magento, woo commerce and custom integration. However you can still use it for other platforms such as Amazon.

Price Waiter

This application is better than a sale because you have the free will to offer to buy the product at any price. The buyer feels like they’ve achieved something when their offer gets accepted. Meanwhile the sellers keep increasing their sales and profit from them too! So its not only the buyers who are winning.

Price Waiter Market has gotten a lot of outstanding reviews which improves and has proven their credibility. Give Price Waiter Market a try, you will not be disappointed.