From writing creative fiction to responding like an actual person, ChatGPT is a great example of how far AI technology has come. ChatGPT can create almost any content you desire, from the most basic to advanced prompts imaginable. Amazingly, Google has found a way for AI to write music! Listen to a selection of music composed by Google Artificial Intelligence MusicLM, now available for previewing!

Google is pushing the boundaries of AI technology with MusicLM, a revolutionary program that can create high-quality music pieces from text prompts. This innovative approach marks a major milestone in an increasingly advanced field where AI can produce tracks more accurately and more efficiently to the initial text prompt. Early previews make it appear that these big claims may be more than hype, delivering on their promise. It looks like they could prove to be a real game-changer!

How Does MusicLM Works?

MusicLM, an AI-powered technology can create tunes based on captions, similar to how ChatGPT uses user requests for its renowned replies. This first batch reveals how clever artificial intelligence can compose unique musical pieces! Get ready to rock out! Google can deliver an exhilarating soundtrack for your arcade game. Featuring a fast-paced, upbeat tempo and electrifying guitar riffs. With its ability to pick up on music patterns, it produces songs with memorable melodies combined with thrilling musical flourishes like cymbal crashes or drum rolls.

MusicLM from Google has undoubtedly pushed the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence with MusicLM. While most AI-generated music exhibits a distinct robotic feel while others are eerily similar to the real thing. It’s a bit unnerving to hear AI-generated audio that mimics the sound of human vocals. Google even put Music LM’s capabilities to the test by asking it to create a rap track, and its output was surprisingly realistic, despite not making any sense!

If you’re looking for an eerie experience, check out the “Text and Melody Conditioning“. Listen to a strange combination of voices and tunes that create some truly wild results. MusicLM’s modern rendition of “Bella Ciao” has us awestruck! If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic, try their “Tribal Drums and Flute version,” to have the White Lotus experience.

Long Generation & Story Mode

“Long Generation” allows you to create your own five-minute musical masterpiece, with only a few words as guidance! But the real fun begins when you experience “Story Mode”. Google’s MusicML is using AI to smartly adjust the tune of a song based on captions given. Starting with 15 seconds cued for ‘time to meditate’, followed by an energized transition into “time to wake up”. The eerie vocals of the music transport you to a different world as it transitions seamlessly into its new verse.

Don’t let the spooky vocals put you off! AI technology is truly remarkable in its ability to merge captions into existing music seamlessly. In the third example, it goes from a catchy pop tune into an edgy rock beat and then amps things up even further with an incredible death metal soundscape! It’s not only impressive but also shows just how versatile AI can be.

Google recently conducted an exciting experiment where they used Machine Learning algorithms to transform iconic works of art into music. For example, ever wondered what it would be like if you heard “The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh? Now is your chance to hear the beauty for yourself! Amaze yourself as you explore its ability to generate instrument and genre sounds, from the electric guitar riffs to the passionate swell of British Indie Rock tunes!

Unlock the hidden depths of MusicLM and explore a wide range of listening experiences, from thrilling accordion solos to comparing unique interpretations for any given cue! If you’re curious about how Google’s MusicLM system works, then a 15-page research piece is available to appreciate the intricate details. For those of us eagerly awaiting the company’s upcoming release, taking a peek through these samples will be like getting an exclusive glimpse into what we can expect.