The Office application, the Microsoft office suite, is now available for iPhone. However, for the moment there is no version of the iPad app. The download is free, but you must purchase an annual subscription to use Office.

This omission is somewhat surprising, since it is obvious that the tablet is a device much more focused on work than the iPhone. However, it is understandable from the point of view of Microsoft, which seems to position both Windows 8 and its tablet, Surface and Surface Pro RT as hybrids that serve both personal life and for the staff.

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Moreover, in recent days has begun to make an announcement in which you compare a tablet with this OS (Asus Live Tab RT, although advertising is Microsoft) with the iPad to try to show that in terms of productivity are well above Apple. And one of the arguments is the presence of the office suite.

In any case, the arrival of Office for iPhone (iPhone 4 onwards or fifth-generation iPod touch) could be a first step and if someone wants it can download the phone version of Office and run from an iPad, but the experience will be much worse. The advantage is that you can view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint, even if stored on the cloud.

For now you can only download Office for iPhone from the U.S., but the application is available in all languages ​​in which you can find the desktop version, so most likely come to other markets soon. The download is free, but you need to buy to have a license to use the suite, although it is possible to get it directly from an app.

MS Office ....