This Adobe Photoshop Tutorial will teach users with a beginner’s knowledge of Adobe Photoshop how to make their text appear metallic in colour, using just two layers and a few simple effects.

Create a Background

1) Begin by filling your background with a medium grey (my colour #8D8D8D).

2) Create your first layer and select the brush tool. The keyboard shortcut for this is <SHIFT> & <B>. You need to make sure that your brush is set to soft and has a large diameter. Select the colour white (#ffffff).

3) Now Paint a soft white circle in the middle of the canvas. Next grab the edges of this layer and pull them out to give your background the appearance below.


Create Metallic Text

 1) Drag out a text layer and select the colour white (#ffffff). Then type your text within the box. The keyboard shortcut for this is <SHIFT> & <T>.

2) Go to “Layer > Layer Style > Stroke”. Make the size 1px and the colour black (#000000).

3) Go to “Layer > Layer Style> Drop Shadow” and apply the following settings:

Blend mode Multiply

Colour Black (#000000)

Opacity 100%

Distance 2

Spread 9

Size 4


4) Now we are going to apply the effect that will make metallic text. Go to “Layer > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay”. Make sure opacity is at 100% then click the gradient box to edit the gradient.

5) Apply the settings as shown below to the bottom gradients. This is how to make metallic text:


First gradient Colour #b1b1b1 Location 25%

Second gradient Colour #464444 Location 60%

Third gradient Colour #b1b1b1 Location 62%

Fourth Gradient Colour #ffffff Location 98%

This Adobe Photoshop tutorial was written by a web design company in Essex, UK.