An apt approach is required to ensure business growth. However, some unfavorable factors spread threat to this growth. One of such situation occurs, when the important company data or information goes missing or gets deleted. In a bid to provide solution to this critical data loss situation, various software providing organizations have developed ‘data recovery software’, which helps in recovering the lost data back. One of the such recovery provider is Recover Data, which provides immaculate data recovery application for Windows based operating system. The software gets back all the deleted data, and provides a swift recovery platform to perform desired task.

Software Outline

To overcome such critical data loss situation, it is sage to ensure the software you’re investing in is effective. A worth software helps recovering data  effectively, and a low quality software can make you cry. However, Recover Data for Windows is one of the apt recovery applications, which is capable of retrieving data or information from hard drive malfunctions, system failure, operating system crash, booth records corruptions, logical/physical damages, etc. In addition, it recovers the files deleted by emptying the Recycle Bin or using Shift+Delete keys. The software is powered by exceptional recovery algorithms that initiates recovery process at the fastest pace and gives absolute results. The software proves prudent in recovering data from severe most data loss situations as well. All the files, such as ppt, doc, docx, xls, txt, mov, png, jpeg, gif, and many more gets successfully recovered, and gets restored at user specified location.

User Interface

The software features a friendly interface that makes users convenient with recovery process. This rich interface of the software is designed keeping all the genre (technical and non-technical users) of users in mind. This sophisticated interface and simple guided steps allows users to progress the deleted file recovery process at their own.

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There are various recovery applications, which claims them to be the best among the myriad available recovery applications. But, when they are executed, their commitments gets reversed. That’s why, our expert team has conducted various tests to adjudge the potential of this software.

Test 1

Our first test we conducted on a system, where Windows 8 was installed. We formatted the hard drive and then installed the Recover Data for Windows to know how the software will perform.


The software scanned the storage device, and later provided all the files and folders in a well-defined Windows format. Finally, by providing the desired location, we are able to restore the formatted data. Significantly, the software proved successful in its first test.

Test 2

We have deleted some of the documents using Shift+Delete keys and few from emptying the Recycle Bin and ran Recover Data’s Quick Recovery mode.

Result 2

The software initiates the recovery process by performing a quick scan of the storage media and in just couple of minutes, if offered full preview of the deleted files and folders. Well, we are astonished with fastest speed of the software. In the second test as well, this application proves prudent.

Test 3

Now the time for difficult tasks. This time we ran Recover Data software on a Windows 7 system, which contains a logically crashed hard drive along with bad sectors.

Result 3

Well, with utmost ease in this test also the software was able to prove it. The software runs an exhaustive scan of the hard drive to locate each of missing files and folders. On successful completion of scanning step, the software offered preview of all the partitions with complete details.

Test 4

This was the final test, which we conducted on a Windows Vista installed system. This time we reformatted and then reformatted the storage media to see whether the software works in this situation as well?

Result 4

With the help of simple GUI, we followed the same steps as asked by the
software. The software scanned and offered full preview of the formatted data following a tree like pattern.

From all of the above mentioned tests, we were ascertained about the software potential, GUI and compatibility of the software.

Software Pros

1. Recovers data of all kinds, such as movies, documents, images, etc.
2. Powered by exceptional recovery techniques
3. Features a self-explanatory GUI
4. Supports to recover data from every instances of data loss
5. Compatible to recover data from any of the Windows OS

Software Cons

Takes little longer time in severe hard drive crash circumstances.


Window Data Recovery is developed to salvage data from various data loss circumstances. You can rely on this immaculate technology at any of the events of data loss, like storage media errors, operating system crash, software malfunctions, file system errors, boot record corruption, logical errors, system re-installation/up-gradation flaws, and many more. This software features a self-explanatory GUI, which makes even common users comfortable with recovery process. All the versions of Windows are supported by the software, including Windows 7 and Windows 8. Files with any of the file extension, such as ppt, .dox, .txt, .ppf, .xls, .docx, jpeg, png, .mov, mpeg, gif, mp4, mp3, and so on gets easily recovered. Technical expertise is not required as it is designed keeping common users in mind. The software is a complete recovery program as it covers any of the data loss situations. In addition, this software has one demerit also as it consumes more time in case of severe hard drive crash situations. Significantly, delayed results are better than the inadequate outcomes.

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