Owners and managers of small businesses – whether they be small stores or cafes, freelance projects, or home businesses like farms – often find it more difficult to coordinate and develop their business management strategy and finances than large companies. Large businesses often have the budget and manpower to easily manage finances and forward strategy, but small businesses are easily left behind. That’s why business management software can be the best solution for a small or home business.

Many small business owners simply start out with a spreadsheet or two detailing their finances, but quickly become snowed under as business grows or less time is available to sit down and really deal with the financial side of things. It can be difficult to figure out how to integrate all your spreadsheets, account and invoicing details, incoming and outgoing finances, forward budgeting and other bits and pieces. That is when it’s time to consider all-rounder business management software.

There are hundreds of different business software systems on the market, and it can be overwhelming to research them all. Here’s a few tips to consider when trying to find the perfect business software solution:

Targeted software is key. There are many different broad business software packages out there, but it is best to look for a specialised one for your industry if possible – for example, those operating a farming business should search for farming management software.

Accessibility: Make sure your current computer operating system can take whichever software you choose. You may also require a system that is accessible from different computers and wirelessly, so ensure you inquire with the business software company before purchasing.

Contract: Each company will have a different set of fees, different types of contracts or payment plans, and different terms and conditions. Be sure to read through these carefully before you purchase, and try not to choose a plan that locks you in permanently, or that can’t be broken.

– Usability: Whether you are tech-savvy or not, usability is an absolutely vital point to consider when trialing or researching business management software – there isn’t much point purchasing a system that you aren’t able to operate! Try to undertake free trials or get companies to take you through software systems before buying, to ensure you are able to use it.

Tasks required: Above all, the most important thing you must research thoroughly before purchasing your business management software is the tasks it allows you to undertake. Make sure the software you choose has absolutely everything you may require now and down the track, to ensure maximum usability.

Author Bio: Chloe works on behalf of Agrimaster, an Australian company offering agriculture and agribusiness software, and small business software for the farming industry.