Microsoft Office is one of the greatest convenience apps provided by Microsoft. It is most appreciated for letting one do one’s office work or projects efficiently and is most famous among business users. However, if something happens and your Microsoft Office  stops working and you don’t want to go through the trouble of buying this application from the website as that is the only way of availing the app, but still need Microsoft Office to carry out your work then here is a list of other apps that work the same way as Microsoft Office does and can save you your dollars, as their free versions are very easily available and the user does not have to pay $100 every month to benefit from Microsoft Office.

Google Docs


After providing a successful and very useful search engine Google is now stepping into the world of editing and creating documents, by providing the users with the best platform to create desired documents and presentations. As one of the newest addition to the Google developments, Google docs makes it very easy and convenient to store and create documents for every user,  ranging from forms, spreadsheets, drawings and presentations, etc. It provides convenience and ease not only to business users but also to students by supporting all the formats that Microsoft Office contains so that the users don’t face any difficulty. Moreover, all of these services are provided online, which actually saves the users from going through the trouble of installing it and as it is online, it is cost free and can be used anywhere.

Apache Office 4.1

 Apache Office works similarly to Google Docs and also provides all services of creating and/or editing documents the same way as Google docs does, but the only extra effort that it requires is that it need to be downloaded and installed beforehand, but it is absolutely free of cost. This online service provider comes with installed feature of word processors, spreadsheets, and applications for making presentations, while saving them in the (.docx) format as well.

Libre Office

libre office

Libre Office is another one of the amazing software that aids the users in accomplishing their tasks of editing and creating documents without having to spend dollars. This software provides opportunities of completing projects as drawings, spreadsheets, word documents, presentations, etc. However, Libre Office comprises of a fast office suite instead of the substitutes for the Microsoft Office suite.

Team Lab Office

Through Team Lab Office, users can create and manipulate documents online very easily. This convenient, online and open source surrogate contains all the basic feature a suit comprises of like creating and editing documents, forming presentations, designing spreadsheets, etc. All that is required is to sign up and then the website allows the user to use this software as much as they can and that also completely free.