The concurrent era is one which happens to be saturated by technological advancements, and a world which shapes itself via pixels. Every redeemable moment of one’s life, every second of achievement or joy, and every morsel of grief requires the assistance of a handheld gadget.

A research conducted in 2012 discovered that the average individual cannot go 6 minutes without picking up, or looking at their phone. Basically, you might pick up or glance at your phone more than 150 times a day! Let that sink in.

It comes as little surprise, then, just how crucial gadgets and mobile devices are within the digital age. Want to read a book? Pick up your Kindle. Need some tunes to cut short a long trip? Reach for that iPod. Urgently need to attend a conference call on the go? Your iPad or Samsung tablet will smoothly run Skype for you.

So your power outlets are a mess of charging cables, and every so often one such electronic device manages to sizzle itself dry. You can’t very well go out to the patio and read a book if your laptop refuses to switch on – your work might depend upon it!

Its summer, and your gaming console might finally give in. You’ve got friends coming over for a FIFA tournament, and your PS4 isn’t reading any discs.

Devices are prone to fail and falter; like any human, they require medical assistance, routine servicing, and sometimes major repairs and replacements.

But just like you wouldn’t hand your own self to any average passerby for a transplant surgery, how can you let your pricey, valuable electronics suffer the same?

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