I think we can all agree that computers are complex pieces of equipment. That being said, one of the more complex issues regarding operating systems today is device drivers and how they operate. So what exactly are device drivers? Drivers are pieces of software that basically allow your operating system to communicate with the hardware installed on your computer. Without drivers, your hardware either won’t work or will not work correctly. Now, when most of us purchase hardware devices from the store, we often receive drivers for the hardware on a DVD which helps us get it up and running without hassles. The problem is though, as time passes, these device drivers will become outdated and they will need to be updated in order to ensure that the hardware continues to function properly. So how do I update my device drivers when they become outdated?

Updating drivers can be done via 2 methods. Manual updating and by using driver updater software. Lets look at the advantages and disadvantages of these 2 methods of updation.

Manually Updating Drivers

In order to manually update your outdated hardware device drivers you will need to find out the exact make and model of the hardware you are going to update. Then, you will need to search for that model on the search engines and download it from the most reputable source possible. Downloading the driver from the official manufacturers website is often the most recommended course of action. However, there are some pitfalls to this method. Firstly, searching for drivers for specific hardware can be time consuming and cause a lot of frustration because many websites might offer the driver for download. Secondly, there is always the chance that you will download the incorrect version of the driver or it may not be compatible with your operating system. This results in wasted bandwith and time.

Automatically Updating Drivers

Instead of manually updating device drivers, users can choose to use driver updater software, which automates the task of looking for and downloading outdated drivers. There are many driver updaters on the market today, each with their own unique features. The great advantage of using driver update utilities is that they will search for and update drivers for your hardware at the click of a button. It completely eliminates the need for you to have to go out and manually search for drivers on the web. There is however just a slight downside to using driver updaters. Although these driver update utilities can find most drivers, there will be the possibility that they will not be able to find all of your needed drivers, but then again, no software is prefect. While some brands can detect only a few drivers, others will do the full job without hassle.

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