Microsoft Office is a great application for doing your office work in efficient manner. The creation credits goes to Microsoft for this splendid production for making every businessman life easy and fast. You can not avail the services of Office suit without getting this software from original website as it would cost you some dollars. There are many alternative solutions available in the market to fulfil your office requirements without using Microsoft Office. Today, in this article, you will come to know some top alternatives to Microsoft Office. They can be used free of cost as there are free versions of these alternatives available.

  • Google Docs

Google is not only a popular search engine. Google has stepped into every platform to give their users best services like they are providing through their search engine. Google docs is the addition of features in the list of Google developments. The user can easily edit or create his required documents in the Google Docs. The all popular office formats are supportive with Google docs. As a businessman or any student, you should give a try to Google docs. It can be used to make presentations, forms, drawings and spreadsheets including documents. The best feature of Google docs is that you can use it online without having a hesitation of installation process. It can be used free of cost from internet.

  • Apache Office 4.1

The office suit of Apache Office is similar to the Google Docs online services. But you have to install this software on your computer after downloading. The word processors, presentation application and spreadsheet are available as the features of Apache office. This alternative of Microsoft office is easy to use and can save documents in (.docx) format. This software is also cost free and open source software for users.

  • Libre Office

Another free and open source software to fulfil your office requirements without paying any penny. You can use this software for making your office projects in the form of word documents, drawings, spreadsheets and presentations. Libre Office is fast office suit as compared with other alternatives of Microsoft Office suit. In the latest version, there is feature of extension included in the software package.

  • Team Lab Office

Team Lab Office is another great and open source alternative too Microsoft Office suit. You can create your documents and can manipulate them through this online tool. It includes all the basic features which should any office suit should contain like document creator, presentation and spreadsheet designer. After signing up to their website, you can use this great tool to fulfil your office needs.

There is no doubt to say that Microsoft Office is a comprehensive and complete package to fulfil daily life needs regarding documents and office works. The above-mentioned alternatives are just to avail the service to fulfil your needs for some time. But they cannot beat Microsoft office through any mean. But if you don’t want to pay 100$ per year as fee for Office suit, then you can choose these defined alternatives to fulfil your tasks.