The social media platform that Facebook provides has revolutionized the way receive and share information. People are now able to share their favorite clips and pictures almost instantaneously among their friends and relatives. But some pieces of information are too valuable and one might want to store it for future use. Photos are relatively easier to download than videos, but a video is worth a lot more words than a picture. When you don’t always have the facility of the internet around you and find yourself unable to show your friends and relatives the video you mentioned, that’s the moment you regret not downloading it.

Here are the top 6 Facebook video converters that I would like to introduce as below.

  1. Jaksta Media Recorder

For all those Mac users, who find most apps to be limited to the Windows use only, this multi-featured video downloader and converter is available. This app is also available for Windows users. With High-Speed downloading, and High Definition Recording features, you can download videos from 100,000 and more different video sites, at relatively higher speed than most apps out there.

  1. 4k Video Downloader

It allows its’ users to download video, audio, and even subtitles from YouTube, and other sites containing video content at speed as high as your connection. With another feature of converting the videos fit for your iPhone and iPad and other apple devices in which users find it relatively harder to store videos in, you can also download whole YouTube channels, playlists, and a 3D video format player to play them. This app is free for everyone to download.

  1. Video Grabber

It is a unique and fast online video downloader site. All you have to do is to paste the link or address of the video, or search for it in the provided search bar, and Grab It! You can watch them online or download it for your desktop for viewing offline, and you can also convert the videos to transfer them to various devices or even share with your friends. The site is not limited to videos from YouTube or Vimeo, it also works on Facebook, Daily motion and other video sites. Another feature that makes it unique is its feature to edit the videos for unnecessary content.

  1. VSO video downloader,

This tool provides streaming, downloading, and converting of videos from the site directly, or after downloading. The converter is not limited to mp3 and mp4 formats only, it can also make the video fit to be played in AVI, Xvid, Avi, Mpeg4 content and others. This converter enables the user to convert the video according to the desired device.

  1. Save2PC

Save2PC is another video downloading app, which, when downloaded and run, provides the user with a downloadable video environment, in which every video can be downloaded and saved to the PC for future offline use. Whether the content comes from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or some other site containing video content, you can download it using Save2PC. The app is free for Windows and Mac users looking for converted files to be transferred to their devices.

Besides the 6 tools mentioned above, you can check here for more options if you thought none of them works for you. And do please share with us if you got better choices : )