Have you ever tried to use android applications on your personal computer? Not yet. If you want to experience android applications in your windows operating system, then you can avail this chance by using android emulators. The emulators were used by developers to test their applications in different operating systems, but after getting popularity these android emulators are being used now to run your favorite application of android on your personal computer.

In this article, I will discuss the top ranked and best android emulators for windows operating system through which you can run your android apps on your personal computer with ease.

  • BlueStacks


The number one ranked android emulator to run your favorite apps on pc is known as Bluestack. It is the most used emulator due to its great features. It is not a virtual software actually but more likely to be an app player to run your apps. The interface is user-friendly and simple. You have to install it once in your system, after that you can search any app of your choice from the store and can run on your pc. There are many apps already preloaded in the bluestack.

  • You Wave

YouWave Android

Another great emulator which is not like bluestack. You can not only use android apps in this emulator like Bluestack, but actually you can entertain yourself by interacting with a complete android based interface. There will be home screen like all smartphones in this emulator. It is a paid emulator, so you have to pay to use this software. However, you can avail 30 days free trial to use this emulator. You can install Google Play Store in this emulator, after installing you can search any app from the Play store directly from your pc.

  • Native Android Emulator

native android emulator

This emulator comes with Google Android Development Kit for developers to test their developed application in it. But, you can also use this to run any android application in your personal computer. The installation process is not simple as compare with other emulators and in order to use any application in this emulator, you have to first download the apk file of that particular application. After downloading, you can upload that file to run it on your computer.

  • Jar Of Beans


The last but not the least android emulator in our list is Jar of Beans. This android emulator is built on the platform of android Jelly bean version. Support for hardware acceleration is also added for intel processors to increase the performance of this emulator. You can install any application in this environment by searching it from preloaded play store application. The resolution for this emulator is 1280*768 or higher. You can also create virtual SD card by using this emulator.

So, these are some top ranked and best android emulators for windows operating system. You can use any of them to run your favorite android application in your personal computer.