The first law for movie making is that whether you have a quite expensive camera or you are quite skilled but even then you will need to process your raw footage for obtaining a nice video. The professional video editing softwares are quite expensive and those who are new into to video editing cannot afford to buy them but there are still many free video editing softwares which give you facility to trim the photos, add soundtrack to videos, add special effect or apply transitions to your videos. Some of the best video editing softwares which are available free for the users are listed below

1. Mirosoft’s Windows Movie Maker 2012


When it comes to a free video editing software, the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2012 takes the first place. You need to just to drag and drop your videos on to the software and then apply the effects of your choice from the list available. It supports almost all types of video formats so you need not to download any special converter for them. You can easily add soundtrack, captions and credits to the videos and then either save them or upload them directly to social networking websites.

2. Kate’s Video Toolkit


The Kate Video Toolkit provides you all the basic video editing features which a non professional video editor requires for free. You can easily trim the pictures and add captions to them and later on joining them sequentially to form a slideshow video with music of your choice running in the background. You can also process the videos and join them to form one video or cut away the portions of a video which you don’t like. The Kate’s video Toolkit also has got a built in file format conversion tool in it.

The only setback while using the software is that you cannot maximize the program window to use your full screen resolution but overall, the software is quite easy to use and you can do whatever you want without even reading the help guide.

3. Avidemux


Avidemux is a bit smaller software than the above three but still has got quite good features. You can cut the clips and join them without re-encoding. You can also apply many other features like adding a logo, resizing videos, sharpen or remove noise from the videos. The sound controls are also quite simple.