When shopping for the perfect VPN, you have a lot to consider! Price is of course important but doesn’t forget about performance and user interface. With an increased focus on data privacy, diskless servers are becoming a popular option for businesses. These systems provide faster access to important information while keeping sensitive data secure

Diskless Servers (RAM Only Servers)?

Diskless servers are a revolutionary way of computing; they use RAM instead of hard disks to store files. VPNs are designed for a single purpose: to establish secure connections between computers. Unlike other services, they don’t collect your data and store it long-term – making them the perfect tool for protection from prying eyes.

Long-term storage isn’t something diskless servers are known for. Instead, they store certain information in their random access memory (RAM), hence the name “RAM-only” server. With RAM, your server can maintain its pristine data integrity every time it’s rebooted – like a ‘reset button for all the information stored. All laptops and desktops come with automatic access to this fresh slate of RAM that wipes itself each time you restart!

Why Use Diskless Servers?

Unlike other types of servers, the lack of long-term storage for VPNs is actually beneficial. Privacy and anonymity are of utmost importance to VPN users, however, it’s impossible to verify the promises made by providers. Without a means to independently confirm that records (logs) created while browsing online are destroyed but there is no way for us as customers to be sure that our activity remains safe from prying eyes.

No need to worry about clogging up storage space with logs anymore! By utilizing diskless servers, they do not have to worry about this issue. With a simple server reboot, any records kept by VPNs can be easily wiped away – it’s one of the most effective ways to delete logs.

Although a diskless server is more secure than one with logs, the potential for malicious or careless logging remains. Fortunately, these risks are much lower and give users peace of mind with a tiny possibility for error. While diskless servers can offer added security, it is still essential to ensure you are using a reputable and trustworthy VPN provider.

With diskless servers, auditors can quickly and easily verify that a VPN service is living up to its promise of being a no-log VPN. Auditors have an easier time verifying the privacy of service with diskless servers. Monitoring logs can be difficult to verify, but checking for diskless servers is often more reliable.

By using diskless servers, organizations can easily verify the reliability of their VPN provider and trust that their data is secure.

VPN Providers which Use Diskless Servers?

As the benefits of diskless servers become more widely appreciated, top VPN providers are increasingly making the switch. Although the transition to using diskless servers may be appealing, it could come at a cost due to expensive hardware. As such, many VPNs opt for gradual change as opposed to an immediate shift.

Enjoy secure and private internet browsing with ExpressVPN, who have integrated diskless servers into their Trusted Server technology for added protection. By utilizing solely RAM-based servers, this system is able to take full advantage of its custom VPN protocols. These specially crafted methods barely store any data leaving a limited digital footprint for optimum privacy and security.

Surfshark and NordVPN have already taken advantage of diskless servers to provide enhanced online security for their users. Private Internet Access has followed suit with its NextGen servers providing this same level of protection since over a year ago.

Mullvad, a privacy-focused virtual private network (VPN) provider, is on the brink of revolutionizing transparency with its upcoming diskless servers. This move towards openness will allow Mullvad’s users to audit and verify the integrity of its infrastructure.

If you’re looking for a diskless service, there are lots of prominent options out there that can provide the benefits you need.