WhatsApp is rolling out incredible innovative and unconfined a beta version of its original modernize. This beta update contains a fresh feature to pin your chats. WhatsApp is commonly the most resembled application, which has a testimony number of vigorous users. Previously In March, WhatsApp unrestricted a main update and added Snapchat and Instagram like Stories feature and uninvolved most respected position feature, for which company again added status feature back in after that update.

As foremost declaration by Android Police, WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 and 163 have added the new-fangled feature, which permits you to allocate confident WhatsApp contacts as celebrity. Simply tap and hold any chat you’d like to access a pin icon in the action bar beside the delete, mute, and archive options. Once you’ve pinned the discussion, it’ll keep on at the top of your WhatsApp list, yet if you have more current chats. Think of it as a pinned tweet — it’ll forever be at the pinnacle of your nourish.

WhatsApp is also getting experimentation through a extraordinary Change Number feature in the original beta, which ought to make it a lot more uncomplicated when it comes to changing the mobile number connected by an account. For currently, it looks like you’ll have to get WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 or 163 in order to right to use any of these new features, but it looks protected to guess that the all the rage messaging app will be rolling out these updates en masse comparatively shortly, too.

According to particulars, WhatsApp is presently functioning on a innovative update which will permit users to pin their chats on crest, making it simple for them to pass on to the chat in its place of rolling up pitilessly. Users will be capable to pin three chats at a time. After doing so, the messaging function will send a message to the user updating him that he can no longer pin any further chats to the peak. It is then up to the user to unpin any one chats from the rest and pin any extra of his deciding. Previously, users faced troubles as chief chats were pressed way below down by a flurry of messages. When you tap and hold on some chat in the list you will perceive a fresh pin icon in the pop-up menu, next pre-existing occupations like delete, mute, and archive.

What’s more, less imperative chats won’t shoot to the peak of the line up once a message comes in, as is currently the case, making them even easier to disregard than they are at present. The fixed chats feature is at this time only accessible in beta mode but is probable to be rolled out for Android and iOS prior to too long; while it may only put off users from having to put up with a very mild difficulty, we consider it would establish very popular certainly.