The competitive advantage of the business organizations depends on several factors. As this is the digital age, web development and design plays an important role in boosting the repute and position of a company in the market.

We are in the last quarter of the year 2018. This year, the business sector experienced some old and new web development and design trends. In this article, we list a few of them.

Single Page Applications

Nowadays, users like everything to be quick and convenient. The single page application or SPAs are web browser pages that don’t need to be reloaded while in use. Examples include Facebook, Gmail, and Google Maps.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Another trend that offers instant results to users is accelerated mobile pages or AMPs. This trend has incredibly improved the performance of web content and advertisements. Example include Twitter, Pinterest, and Bing while it is sponsored by Google. The function of AMPs is that when you click on a Google search result, it instantly displays on your mobile screen. It has been one of the trends much appreciated by the users.

Elimination of Flash

For a long time, Flash has been a problem for SEO and is a struggle for many computers to run. This year, we finally got rid of it as Google decided to let go of Flash. Instead, it is now using the HTML5. This new protocol for animations is much quicker and leaner.

Push Notifications

This year saw an increased focus on the push notifications. Many websites are now using them in their designs. It helps businesses notify their existing and potential customers when the new content will be available. This eliminates the need for an email subscription and excessively browsing the website.

JavaScript on WordPress

For years, JavaScript has been the secondary consideration for WordPress developers. These developers have used PHP for a long time but are now switching after Matt Mullenweg advised to JavaScript deeply in 2015. As JavaScript takes the relevance, it is important that you start getting familiar with the language if you are not comfortable with it yet.

For success in the relevant industry and capturing the attention of the target market in Long Island, choose a Long Island web design services that follows the latest trends. Many of these trends will follow into 2019 while we may discover new elements as well.