Since the launch of Windows 8 on the message of “The world is ready”, the truth is that Microsoft’s operating system has collected great reviews and most of the users have been a problem that has made Windows 8 has not been as successful as expected. The solution to this problem comes under the name of Windows 8.1 is a Windows 8 upgrade although still retaining the “essence” of the operating system at the same time introduces new features and enhancements that seek reap best reviews among users.

But this news is not new, since PuntoGeek we announced a few weeks ago the existence of Windows 8.1. The novelty is in the article that Microsoft has published on its official blog, since it has detailed some of the features of this new update will come to Windows 8 next month.

The first novelty is that Windows 8.1 will place a custom background behind the new interface. Besides this small detail, screen (which can be seen in the accompanying photograph in this article) also have other improvements such as the elimination of automatic application added or the arrival of additional colors in the menus.

Other developments include the return button “Start” to the interface of Windows 8, the option to save files directly to Sky Drive and the incorporation of Internet Explorer 11.

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 8.1 update will be released on June 26.