The game does exactly what it names suggest. There are two heads in 2D format on your screen that looks like a short soccer field. The playing style in Head Soccer is pretty different from other soccer games available in the market and due to uniqueness of its playing style; the app has earned some good reputation in a short period of time. The short soccer field idea may not tempt you but once you will start playing this game, you will get addicted to it. Some components of the game or out dated like the graphics which definitely need an upgrade but still, playing this game is really fun.


The installation of the game is very fast and startup is quick too. You don’t even need to install third party apps or add-ons to play this game properly. Just download the game file, install it in your iOS device and start having fun. You can start playing in the arcade mode or if you want, you can participate in a tournament as well. Some other options include; joining a league, survival mode, and multiplayer game feature. Since the graphics of the game are not that high, the game runs smoothly without any lagging on the screen.