Highway Rider is one of the most famous motorcycle racing games available in Android Play store. The app is free but ad supported which means, while playing the game, ads will be shown on screen. You are supposed to pass the obstacles on road like cars and trucks while keeping the motorcycle as close to them as possible. Once you pass a car/ truck with less proximity, more points are added to your account. It is nothing like a basic racing game because after few minutes, it becomes difficult to avoid crashes and they happen a lot in this game.




The graphics of Highway Rider is excellent for a free game so you will definitely enjoy playing it. You will be riding your bike on highway and as you keep riding, the speed of the bike will keep on increasing. To move bike around, you will have to tilt your phone. If you want to move right, tilt your phone towards right side and if you want to move left, tilt your phone towards left side.



As you clear a level, you are given extra cash and reward points. You may not be the kind of person who likes rash driving but it is really fun to get close to trucks while riding a bike at high speed and then tackle them to move ahead.