With the help of Speed Test, you can determine the speed of your internet connection and network bandwidth. Along with that, this simple tool shows you information about your system as well like RAM usage, CPU usage and system uptime. The data is plotted in the form of line graph and the tool notifies you about any problems that occur while your system is up and running.


There is a free trial version available for Speed Test but the functionality of that trial version is very limited. You will only be allowed to add one graph in the view section so you can monitor bandwidth and response time of your website, uploading speed, system uptime, RAM usage/ availability and CPU usage. In order to get complete access to all the functions offered by this software like adding more graphs on the screen to monitor different tasks such as hard drive performance, battery usage/ charge status, downloading speed of your internet connection and much more then you will have to buy a premium version of this software.







Once you will install Speed Test in your system, it will start running in the background. In order to access the software screen, you can locate the icon in your system tray and click on it to launch the program.