With the help of Monect Portable, you can turn your android phone into a multi-purpose device. You can use it as joystick, game controller, touch pad, number pad, keyboard and in many other ways. With just singe tap, this application can send a text message to your PC, you can control media players with the help of this device, browse files in your computer and also use your android device as mouse too.


The best feature of Monect Portable is its gaming controls. The app uses the G-sensor in your phone with great accuracy and that lets you drive aggressively in any racing game. With the precise movement capture feature of this app, you are unlikely to get into an accident and that is why we really loved using this app. One problem you might face while using this app is the language barrier. Most of the information displayed on this app is in Chines but you can cope with it with the help of Google Translator.

In short, if you have been waiting for a perfect app that could turn your android smartphone into a remote control device and also works are a remote game controller then Moncet Portable is the best option for you.