If you are listening to any sound on your PC and you want to save it as MP3 then MP3MyMP3 is a fabulous app for you. This app records any sound that is playing on your PC and then saves it in MP3 or WAV format for you. This program can be very helpful in recording your own voice, podcasts, web streaming audio, Skype calls, sound effects and much more.

During the installation process, the software will try to install a toolbar in your browser that will change the look of your homepage and add a custom search bar as well. However, if you don’t want to go with this option, you can easily opt out of it by choosing custom installation. After installation process, the program will greet you with a user friendly interface. The home screen will have so many features and customization options. If you want, you can make the custom changes on the spot or you can just start using the software and make the changes when you need them.





This software will let you record music, audio tracks, and batch-rename files, rip music from a CD, schedule recording and even create playlists as well. If you don’t like the look of the software, you can change it easily by going into customization options. You can change the skins so you enjoy using the software as much as possible.