With the help of Index Generator, Windows users can create a fully searchable PDF file and that process takes only a few seconds. If you are a researcher then this is really an amazing tool for you and it also contains many other exciting features as well. Once you have created the file, it lets you do even more stuff with it like editing, adding more values.


After scanning any PDF file, this software can create an index that contains complete page numbers, number of appearances and all those details that a person would want an index to have. The index can be searched alphabetically so that you can add more values to that index or exclude any values that are not needed anymore. Another amazing feature lets you add references and sub-headings which make it even easier to find information from PDF file. Any item can be placed in recycle bin and then restored very easily.

This software is extremely fast in its operations and that makes it first choice for researchers and students. Several dozen pages can be entered into the software and their indexes can be created within seconds. Even if the PDF file is heavily formatted, the software will work like a charm.