If you want to access your iOS device from your Mac and make changes to it like backing up the data, explore the content stored on your iOS device, copying media files, looking at call logs, contacts and text messages then Phone View for Mac is best option for you. The software has the same functionality as of iTunes so it can easily replace iTunes in your Mac. This is a better alternative for iTunes as its design is sleek and the functions are great.


After downloading the setup file, Phone View for Mac will install in a few seconds and you will be able to look at its intuitive interface. There is a trial version and a full version of the same tool. In both versions, you can see the content stored on your iOS device however in trial version, the number of items displayed on the screen will be limited.


There is a media folder in the software that can be used to store files. In preferences if you check the “Advanced Disk Mode”, it will start displaying the source files of a device that has been jail-broken. Adding files to your iOS device is really easy due to drag and drop functionality offered by this beautiful software.