There is a default search/ finder tool available in OS X but if you want to enhance the search features of your Mac machine then you can install TotalFinder for Mac in your system. This simple software will enhance the working of your default finder tool and you will find more options appearing on finder screen. Many users have been requesting for a lot of tools to be added in default finder for OS X since many years and now you can use all those tools with the help of TotalFinder for Mac.


The best thing about this tool is that, it keeps running in the background and enhances the features of default finder in OS X. It simply means that you will not be using any third party tool to find files and folders in your computer. The latest feature added in this tool is the tabbed browsing of your files which means now you can open a new tab inside the finder window instead of going back and opening a new folder from beginning.


Many OS X users are frustrated because of basic working capacity of default finder in Mac and TotalFinder presents you with an opportunity to enhance the finder features of your OS X. Go ahead, install this free tool and find your files easily.