Google Currents is an amazing app for those people who love reading magazines. With the help of this app, you can read your favorite magazines on your Android phone/ tablet for free. There are different topics covered by this app like Sports, News, Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Technology. The best thing about this app is that, it allows you access to famous magazines like Popular Science, TMZ and Forbes Now in a page turning layout. You will feel like reading an actual magazine while using this app and that is the most interesting feature.


Many Google features are included in this app like Google Search and Google’s Blog as well. These features let you stay connected with the world and find the latest hot news from any industry while staying inside the same app. High quality images are displayed are shown in this app which will keep your interested in reading more and more magazines in your free time.


There is also a sidebar menu in the app as well. This sidebar menu has different options like categories and once you click on a category, magazines related to that category are displayed on parallel screen. You can also customize the categories by going into settings section.