In this fast-paced world, it remains a dream to connect all your smart devices quickly at the highest possible speeds. After 25 years being stuck under 1 Gigabits per second, computer users working outside the most modern data centers finally have a tangible solution for moving their growing stores of data. Improved accessibility of wireless networks has been extremely useful and flexible but is at the expense of real bandwidth. For users who create and share large files, this is even more frustrating. Finally, the folks at a technology Start-Up called crossPORT have taken a novel new look at moving data between every-day systems at super-fast speeds.

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I recently got a chance to learn about their new USBSwitch. It really is one of the most wonderous inventive technology, creating a dynamic network using USB and thunderbolt cables and ports. Designs for the USBSwitch show how four systems can be quickly and easily connected to form a network. And, unlike the Daisy-chain feature of Thunderbolt™, connections can be set up between the individual systems without affecting any other system. In fact, two private conversations, or data exchanges, can occur between different computers at the same time with no impact on speeds.

Characteristics of USB Switch

  • USB Switch is a single cable solution ensuring a tangle-free experience.
  • Uses standard USB and Thunderbolt connections found on nearly every system.
  • Supports 5 to 40 Gbps, the switch is perfect for multi-media collaboration via a single connection.
  • Supports up to two separate data communications at the same time without interruption.
  • Supports transfers to all connected systems at the same time (multi-cast) and at top speeds.
  • No need for bulky dongles and other expensive networking equipment.
  • Supports USB’s Power Delivery (PD) technology to deliver power to connected systems at up to 100W.

Why USB Switch?

With the powerful and unique USBSwitch, everyday users can experience incredible digital collaboration and data exchange capabilities that are otherwise limited to corporate data centers. It eliminates the frustrating cloud lag and lets you collaborate on multi-gigabyte files in no time at all. It also removes all the dongles and expensive network equipment that are needed to connect to a backup storage system.

Designed for every-day use, the USB Switch offers an inexpensive system connection with outstanding connectivity. There is no need to worry about configuring an IP address like with Ethernet Networks or passwords – unless you want to add them – like with Wireless. In fact, anyone can enjoy strong network connectivity without complexity or shared data paths.

What makes the USBSwitch incredible is its unparalleled security. The technology makes data available in a controlled and secure environment that is separated from the internet by a ‘air-gap’ firewall. The company is looking at adding shared internet access to the USBSWITCH so that users can surf and access internet through a connection that protects their identity and file access.

More SENSE to come for USB.

I also learned that crossPORT has plans to support a new technology: USBSENSE™ that lets users plug in devices (peripherals) and systems into the same Type-C port – and the technology will “sense” the different types. Everything just works. This handy feature makes connections work perfectly every time – no matter if I pay attention or not. The company really seems to understand that what makes USB so great is that if the cable fit, everything just works.

USBSENSE™ also removes the need for the upstream cable required on a Type-C hub. One of the more expensive aspects of a USB Type-C hub, the upstream cable is also the leading cause of failure. As a result, we can hope that, as USBSENSE™ is used by more hubs, the cost, complexity, and problems with a Type-C hub will continue to reduce. And they will fit back into our pockets.


Say no more to setting up a complicated network just to share the USB device. With crossPORT’s USBSwitch, save your time, efforts, and money.

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