At last the rumours came out to be true and Samsung has released its new Galaxy NX camera. The most important feature of this camera is that it runs Android and this is the first camera in the world to have Android in it

Samsung is not a company which primarily manufactures camera. It does so simply because it can. Its Galaxy S4 and S3 already ruling the Android mobile market and extending its command over the Android market, Samsung has this time released an Android based camera. Since this is the first Android based camera of its kind it is likely that other giant electroinc gadget manufacturers will also go for introducing an Android based camera in the market.


The camera allows you to capture some high quality images with it and edit them or share them instantly by using the plenty of applications available for Android. The camera has WI-FI and 3G/4G connectivity. The WI-Fi allows you to connect to any hotspot network and use the internet. In this way you will be able to share your photos on the social networking sites as soon as you take them.

Android Features

The Android OS is not the end of the story of the remarkable features of this mobile. The camera has a Drime IV Image Signal Processor in it. According to Samsung, this processor gives speed to the camera and allows the user to take the photos with accuracy.

The previous cameras of Samsung had mostly a flat body with a compact style but the Galaxy NX has a DSLR type body. It has a chunky grip and the camera is easier to hold and carry in your hands especially when you try to capture the photos by holding the in just one hand.


Buttons are nonexistent on the rear side of the camera instead there is only a big TFT touchscreen of 4.8 inches. This size of the screen is quite large as most of the touch screen cameras have screen size of round about 3 inches.

In order to get started, you have to swipe across the right side of the camera and it will bring up a home button.  After pressing this button, using Galaxy NX is just like using any other Android based device. There are a large number of applications which are already installed in it and you can add further applications by choosing the from the Google Pay Store.