The Canon PowerShot SX280 HS is the next version of SX260 travel-zoom camera. Travel cameras are the ones which have more advance specs than a normal camera.  Apparently, this camera looks similar to its predecessor but that’s not true if you compare the specs of the two cameras. The camera has a small size and can easily fit into your pocket and weights only 233g. It is available in red and black colours in the market.

The high zooming lens

The camera has a 12.1 million pixel high sensitivity CMOS sensor. The SX280’s lens can reach up to as much as 500mm. It has 20x built-in zooming power which is quite handy for a small sized travel-zoom camera. This allows you to capture pictures from beautiful landscapes to personal action shots with a single camera. It has an image stabilization system whose job is to remove blur in the images but comparing the Optical Image Stabilizer to the picture from different modes. You can also connect stereo speakers or a microphone with it. Along with that, it also has a GPS system.  It also has a mini HDMI port which allows it to be connected to an HDTV. You can insert memory cards like SD, SDHC and SDXC in it.

Display of the camera

An interesting feature which this camera has is that it is the Cannon’s first camera to have the latest Didic 6 processor. Normally when Canon plans to bring some change in a camera, it firstly does it in its compact series before bringing that change in the rest of the range of cameras. On the rear side, there is a big 3 inch display screen with 460k-dot resolution. But still it stands nowhere as compared to the 4.8 inch 920k-dot display which we have on Samsung Galaxy Camera. The camera also has WI-Fi in it, which allows you to transfer your photos to your PC or post them on social network when using a hotspot. The process of sharing photos on social media is a bit annoying. If you want to post a photo on the web, firstly you have to connect your camera to your PC and have to transfer your login information into your camera and then you will be able to post photos.

Video quality

The SX280 HS is fast enough. From power on to capture photos, it takes only 1.6 seconds and has the ability to capture photos continuously at 3fps. It can record videos at 1080p60 and 1080p30. The 1080p30 is like a normal 1080 video with 30fps while 1080p60 format records extremely smooth videos at 60fps.