Pentax has also updated the reflex of the two segments where success is reaping more. We have ready the new SLR DSLR entry and SUV. And yes, you will find them in the most different colors and combinations.

Pentax new K-50 and K-500 reach the market as earlier models minor renovation (in the case of the K-50) or as new models to complete range may be too conspicuous centric rather than providing innovative solutions. Let us know them a little better.

Pentax K-50, a Camera That Resists All

Of the two new DSLR, the most interesting is the SUV. The Pentax K-50 has many technical innovations that differentiate the K-30, but it reinforces their role camera that resists all.

To this are added 81 points to a body sealed and magnesium alloy, so that the Pentax K-50 is a dustproof reflex, or cold water to temperatures reach -10 ° C.

Pentax cameras

In terms of technical specifications, there are details that fit nicely with the idea of ​​camera for nature: image stabilization, automatic horizon correction or a mode dedicated to astrophotography will work when used with the optional GPS module.

Also of interest in this Pentax K-50 its 6fps burst, Full HD video recording, the maximum sensitivity of ISO 51200 or 11 focus points. The 3 inch screen with nearly one million pixel resolution, 16 megapixel sensors and the ability to run on AA batteries complete their letter.

Pentax K-500 and SLR Very Discrete Input

Identical in performance, with its focus system of 11 points or electronic viewfinder with 100% coverage as the most common presents the Pentax K-500, model compact, lightweight entry will go for about 500 euros to the market.

In this case the company takes the body sealing and resistance in harsh environments and also gives the option to “paint” different colors and combinations, so simple freezes fairly compact SLR and little else.

Pentax black