This winter if full of inspiration and all those people, who loves to take photos should grab their Cameras and go out to a hill station or even a hiking trip will do good. What! You don’t have a camera yet? No problem we have a deal for you. Get Vivitar SLR Camera for fulfilling your photography quest this winter. That’s an awesome device and a choice of millions from a quite good time. This device is an ideal of most of the students with its amazing features. You will get 24×36 mm Negative Size and PK Mount Lens in this device and a vertically running metal focal plane shutter with a 1 to 1/2000 sec Shutter speed in it. Exposure Metering is tremendously great with Through-the-lens and full-aperture features in it. Not only these two features are included in Vivitar but you will also find center-weighted light metering with SPD cell in your camera if you opt to this one. You can enjoy two 1.5v Alkaline or 1.55V silver-oxide batteries in Exposure meter Power Source in your Vivitar SLR Camera. And this camera is not too heavy to be hold in your hand as it is only 2.50lbs heavy.


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