The Scan 3XS Mirage AIO245 is an all-in-one PC. It has a big 23.6inch Full HD screen mounted on a silver stand. The PC looks elegant from the front but not very attractive from the sides and rear as an ugly white box is attached at the back side of the display.

It has touch screen display which makes the experience of using the Microsoft Windows 8 on it very great. It has a glossy display and also has a very good range of viewing angles. You can also tilt the screen but cannot swivel it. There are preinstalled softwares in the PC which enable the user to adjust the gestures for easily controlling the media players and the photo browsers.

Ports on the PC

There are connection ports on the both sides of the PC with no ports on the back so that you would never have to fumble around the back. On the left side of the PC, there are four USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet port and two HDMI ports. One of the HDMI ports is used to output the video on a second screen like a Full HD TV while the other port can be used for inputting the video stream for playing console games. On the right side of the PC are the buttons for power and HDMI input.

Remarkable hardware of the system

This PC has got 2.9GHz Intel Core i5-3470S processor along with 8GB of memory. The PC secured a score of 81 in all our application benchmarks. It means that this machine has enough power to run all the common applications. By being all-in-one does not mean that this system is not upgradable. You can upgrade various components like memory and hard disk according to your choice.

Nice graphics quality

A 2GB Nvidia GeForce GT 750M mobile graphics processor has been deployed in this PC which makes the machine capable to run the 3D games on it. For some of the heavy games you will need to lower the graphics quality settings for producing good frame rates. We tested the Dirt Showdown on it at 1,920×1080 resolution. The frame rate in this case was just 20.9fps but when we lowered the graphics settings a bit, the frame rate came out to be 46.7fps which made the game run smoothly.

Another good feature which this PC has is that it has got a wireless Microsoft keyboard and a mouse. This gives you rid of the irritating wire of keyboard and mouse. In the mouse, the BlueTrack technology of Microsoft has been used which enables the mouse to work smoothly on any sort of surface.